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Welcome & Thank You!

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Dennis McVay, CEO, Member, JUSTreTHINK, LLC. has over 20 years of advanced systems engineering and manufacturing experience within various industries that range form large corporations with over 100,000 employees, based in 37 countries, to small successful family owned businesses, I am here to help you by offering my unique consulting services or networking you with other successful experts.

We all know that time is money... so why do we continue to waste so much time on doing extra work that our computers should be doing for us?

STOP! and JUST reTHINK the way you do things electronically and let me advise or help you develop unique software solutions to help your team work smarter, not harder.

Let our clever software engineering solutions help bridge those annoying gaps between your other software programs, while helping you fix or crosstrain employees. Commercial and residential, weekend or evening hour services available.

Contact us today with your ideas or challenges.


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